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4 Awesome Women-Led Startups from Google for Entrepreneurs' Demo Day

Inc Magazine

For startup entrepreneurs, any prize that carries Google's imprimatur is a special sort of honor. On Wednesday, the search giant's Google for Entrepreneurs program hosted its third demo day in San Francisco. This one featured a slate of 11 companies all led by women.

6 iPhone And Android Apps To Help You Keep Your New Year's Resolutions In 2016


Many will make New Year's resolutions, but few will actually keep them. Research shows 25 percent of us will give up on our goals in just one week, and in the end, only 8 percent will see those pledges all the way through. Here are a few apt apps to help you beat the odds.

9 apps that will help you achieve your New Year's resolutions


Ready or not, the new year's here. And if you're like everyone else around you right now, you're coming up with some pretty ambitious resolutions. That's awesome. Also probably a little bit scary. Sure, it's easy to say you're going to get more organized-but how are you actually going to do that?

9 free apps that'll help you reach (and keep) your New Year's resolutions


for The Muse Ready or not, the new year's here. And if you're like everyone else around you right now, you're coming up with some pretty ambitious resolutions. That's awesome. Also probably a little bit scary. Sure, it's easy to say you're going to get more organized - but how are you actually going to do that?

Apps to Make You a Whiz in the Holiday Kitchen | AT&T Thread


The holiday season. Oh, how we love it! But it can also be crazy-making. Planning meals, shopping, keeping track of visitors' schedules and events-if you feel overwhelmed, you're not alone. Use these three apps to help keep your winter parties and culinary plans under control.

24me brings its smart personal assistant to Android


Mobile executive? VB is hosting our 5th annual Mobile Summit on February 23-24 at the scenic Cavallo Point Resort in Sausalito, CA. See if you qualify here. It's been almost exactly two years since we first (and last!) caught up with 24me, a smart personal assistant iPhone app that automates your life.

24me's Smart Assistant Is Now Officially Available on Android

The Next Web

24me's smart assistant that helps users remember to pay bills, send birthday cards and make important calls may well have been available to iOS users for nearly two years, but Android owners have been left out in the cold until today's official launch of the app for Android devices.

Procrastinate Much? 24me's New Procrastination Fighter Feature Might be of Use


Posted by Tre Lawrence on January 12th, 2015 iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad , the well-regarded, award-winning personal assistant utility, recently received an update that adds a Procrastination Fighter tool: a smart algorithm that studies the user's traits and helps find times in which overdue tasks might be performed.

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Clear Your Schedule with 24me

Netted by the Webbys

Is your calendar as packed as ours? Between birthdays, errands, and Uncle Fred's "art shows," you need to schedule time to update your schedule. Or you could use 24me, a personal assistant app for iOS and Android that combines your calendar, contacts, and accounts to keep you super organized.

10 of the Smartest Calendar Apps Tech

Sometimes a regular day planner or a basic calendar app on your smartphone doesn't quite get the job done when you need to carefully schedule and organize all of your upcoming events, priorities, reminders, responsibilities, projects, ideas, appointments and everything else you need to keep track of all the time.

24me Adds A Predictive Calendar To Their Digital Personal Assistant Mobile App


After a successful first year that has seen hundreds of thousands of users download and use their personal assistant application on iOS, 24me has released the second version of their 'personal assistant' app for iOS devices. New to the app is a predictive calendar function allowing users to see the day ahead and to have tasks, to-dos, and relevant information highlighted for them.

24me, A Personal Assistant iOS App, Implements Real-World Tasks

The Next Web

24me, the personal assistant app for iOS devices, has been updated today to include a new feature that merges its digital functionality into real life situations. Available only in the US for now, and still in beta, the 'Assistants for Everyone' feature introduced today will allow users to call upon real-life help to get their tasks done - whether that's sending a gift out that you forgot or any other kind of errand.

A smartphone app that predicts future to-do list tasks


24me is already one of the most popular and highly reviewed productivity apps offered in the iTunes store. But the automated personal assistant is banking on a unique new feature that its creators say can predict future items on a user's daily to do list.

Personal Assistant App 24me Will Take Care of Things for You


It's pretty well known that there's no shortage of personal assistant apps for iPhone and iPad. iOS users can choose from a variety of apps including EasilyDo, Google Now, Wunderlist, and Todoist. 24me, however, provides iOS users with a personal assistant experience that integrates well with Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar, and Outlook exchange, so that all of your calendars and tasks are collected into one place.

10 Female Founders By Forbes Magazine


Liat Mordechay Hertnou  (Co-founder and CMO, 24Me)

Busy mother of three and exceptional businesswoman with background in both computer science and marketing, Liat aims to revolutionize the way people manage their day-to-day life.  She co-founded 24Me, a breakthrough mobile concept, providing a one-stop shop to manage daily life: a smart predictive calendar unified with an automatic task manager.  This is the modern version or your own personal assistant. Liat and her seven people company are based in Tel Aviv.  Follow her @liatmord

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